Breathe New Life into Your program

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Members Only

Has your music program been feeling a bit stagnant lately? Do your students need an infusion of energy and motivation? Then breathe new life into your ensembles with the practice of mindfulness. It will do wonders for you and your students. Your students will come to love the centering and calming effects of the various relaxing breaths, and you will find that every aspect of your rehearsal elevates—focus, engagement, classroom management, motivation, and a sense of togetherness. “When we breathe together, we come in together” is a common saying among directors when we want to align musical entrances. I have also found that groups that breathe together listen more deeply, connect, and create community together. When your ensemble mindfully breathes together, it aligns all the musicians psychologically and physiologically. Breathing together in sync helps to create the sense of community, connectedness, and unity that is essential for a successful music ensemble. Just as mindful breathing serves our well-being, mindful breathing builds trust in ensembles and will help students decompress and feel better. Don’t be surprised when they start asking you to include more mindful breathing in your rehearsals and music classes!
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