Getting the Most out of your leadership

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Members Only

Many factors go into developing an effective student leadership team. The most important thing you can do is to be an effective role model. Your students and other faculty members are always watching you. Some of them are watching and maybe even hoping to see if you fail. We will all make mistakes. It is how you react to those mistakes and the investment that you have made in those around you that will go a long way in writing your legacy. You have probably heard it a thousand times, “You can’t lead others until you lead yourself.” That adage is as true today as it ever was. There is no effective leadership system where the leader relaxes and you still achieve goals, you must be persistent and consistent! Let’s never forget that leadership is an extra responsibility. You must be willing to come early, stay late, eat last, and do countless other tasks. You often do the work that others don’t want to do and you can’t be a leader if you are afraid of accountability and responsibility. Think about the traits you desire from the members of your leadership team. o Punctual o Prepared o Dedicated o Responsible o Solid Musical Skills o Empathetic o Enthusiastic And that list could go on and on. Then only you can answer the question, “Am I modeling those behaviors for my students?” After all, you can’t expect your students to exhibit those behaviors if they haven’t seen them in action from their director.
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