An organization for music educators providing culture building strategies, leadership development, instructional tips, and encouragement in a safe and supportive environment. SLAM is designed for those music educators who know that the pathway to excellence is a never-ending journey.

Welcome to SLAM!

The Servant Leadership Association for Music (SLAM) is a community of music teachers aspiring to serve their peers by elevating their own teaching and leadership skills in the pursuit of a program-wide culture of excellence centered on the synergy between authentic music making and a foundation of social-emotional health, trust, modeling, and service.

What makes SLAM different from other entities is that it’s about the music educator, first – not a student leadership curriculum.  SLAM addresses the needs of the music educator, to exponentially affect their students musically and personally. We’re in the music business and the people business and we don’t have to choose one over the other.  Our job, as music educators, is to get our students to fall in love with music and music making, while championing student success by helping them be the best versions of themselves.  SLAM’s mission is the SYNERGY between music making and creating a culture of excellence, where students feel loved and accepted.


Professional Development

HELP is on the way!

SLAM board of directors share a wealth of training to thousands of people each year.

Members will have access to a variety of virtual professional development offerings throughout the year presented by our world-class music education trainers.

Crafting Culture: The Music Teacher Leader

July 2-3 2024 | Charleston, SC

An exciting two-day intensive professional development certification course offering music teachers the opportunity to elevate their band, choir, or orchestra programs by crafting culture through strategies relating to purpose, excellence, and belonging. The 12 hours of interactive training provides time to discover best practices from nationally recognized teacher leaders from the Servant Leadership Association of Music curriculum author team. Come join us for a collaborative endeavor traversing the never-ending journey of becoming a master teacher!      Learn more at


Does This  Sound Familiar?

“I’ve always been interested in leadership activities but I am just not sure how to lead them!

“How do I create the WIN-WIN?”

“I want my students to feel accepted and recognized for their special and unique attributes.”

“I’m a new teacher; I know I need a leadership team, but I don’t know how to start.”

“I just walked out of an amazing clinic! I want to make that mindset and culture integral in my program, but I’m not sure I know how?”

You’re Not Alone!

Almost EVERY music teacher has felt discouraged and stressed while striving to achieve performance excellence in a positive, caring environment for students and parents in their band, chorus, and orchestra communities.


You could easily learn effective strategies that would change the way you teach your classes

You could participate in LIVE group coaching sessions with Tim Lautzenheiser, Scott Rush, and other SLAM Leaders

You could receive relevant, practical instructional videos and content once a month

You could earn professional development certificates as you learn

Save valuable time by training at your own pace and schedule!



SLAM Members are Teachers that are looking for:

Opportunity to build community with diverse colleagues in all music content areas

Empowerment for creating positive, emotionally healthy programs where all feel a sense of belonging and acceptance

Tools integrating classroom music instruction and core elements of servant leadership using easy-to-use resources

Transformation of programs through collaboration, elevation, and cultivation in meaningful connections

Become a Charter Member or founding partner

JOIN SLAM  before June 1st to become a CHARTER MEMBER of the organization PLUS you will receive a reduced price for the first year of membership


Become a FOUNDING PARTNER of SLAM and be recognized on our website in perpetuity as an individual who supports the mission of SERVANT LEADERSHIP

How slam supports members

Live Group Coaching sessions offered each week (12 weeks each semester) via Zoom with Tim Lautzenheiser, Scott Rush, and other SLAM special guests

Monday Mail: Email tips and insights from Tim Lautzenheiser

Monthly newsletter with articles and video content from SLAM board members

Access to the SLAM Content Vault housing all new dripped content AND all previously shared content from the community

Membership in the private Facebook Group granting members a global network of connections and support

Servant Leadership Association for Music (SLAM)

Board of Directors

Servant Leadership Association for Music (SLAM)

Board of Directors


Tim Lautzenheiser



Scott Rush

GIA Publications

Executive Director

David Vandewalker

Marietta, Georgia

Managing Director

Steve Andre

Keller, Texas


Cecilia Clark

Director of Bands, Allatoona HS


Bryan Christian

Director of Bands, Vista Ridge HS


Alley Lacasse

Director of Bands, Belmont HS


Cara Froelich

 Director of Bands, Green Valley HS


Chris Herard

Fine and Performing Arts Consultant, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)


Paul Kile

Director of Bands, Edina HS


Maurice Burgess

Director of Choral Activities, Gregg MS


Jonathan Glawe

Director of Orchestras, Pioneer HS

Higher Ed

Mary Land

Assoc. Professor of Music Education, Western Michigan University

Higher Ed

Matthew Arau

Chair of Music Education, Lawrence University Conservatory

Conference Chair

Myra Rhoden

Director of Bands, Fayette County HS

Executive Committee Chair

Bobby Lambert

Director of Bands, Wando HS


Taylor Watts

Associate Director of Bands, Kell HS


Alec HarriS

President, GIA Publications, Inc.



Director of Bands, North Hills School District

Senior Advisor

Marguerite Wilder

GIA Publications, Inc.

SLAM is a not-for-profit organization seeking 501(c)3 tax exempt status.

Seed Funding provided by Presenting Sponsors and private donors.

Servant Leadership Association for Music (SLAM)

Office Contact
Steve Andre, Managing Director
301 Granite Falls Drive,
Keller, TX 76248

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