SLAM is looking for an executive director!

Read below for a full job description and instructions to apply

Servant Leadership Association for Music

Executive Director’s Profile

The Servant Leadership Association for Music (SLAM) invites applications for the part-time position of Executive Director. The organization seeks a leader who understands and embraces the mission of SLAM and possesses a vision for innovating and evolving in collaboration with the officers and the Board of Directors. The Executive Director must have a proactive administrative style, know and understand the music education profession, understand budgets and fiscal management, possess organizational skills, have experience writing grants, and be entrepreneurial, while also promoting professional integrity within the organization. To be successful, this leader must be a clear communicator, an excellent listener, and be able to work with a large number of volunteers so they are effective in their efforts on behalf of the organization. The Executive Director must be committed to the development of teachers through resources that create, elevate, and cultivate servant leaders in music. Leadership experience in the arts, administrative experience, and knowledge of issues in music education are required. Relocation is not necessary.

Summary of Responsibilities

The SLAM Executive Director shall provide strong administrative, management, and fiscal guidance for the organization and the Board of Directors, ensuring a positive organizational culture and a service orientation toward the membership. The Executive Director shall assist and support the Board of Directors; work collaboratively with the Treasurer; administer fiscal activities; issue and maintain certification records; collaborate with the Conference Committee on an international conference; maintain membership records; develop and manage effective dissemination of information concerning the organization via traditional print and electronic and social media; be responsible for contributing an opening/greeting for every SLAM Newsletter; and establish and maintain effective liaisons with education, business, and governmental organizations in music and music education.


 Please email the following materials to Scott Rush at [email protected]:

         1) a cover letter indicating interest in and qualifications for the position

         2) a current curriculum vitae

         3) a list of 3 references (including names and complete contact information)

Review of files will begin on November 1, 2021 and will continue until the position is filled. Start date: January 1, 2022.

The Mission of SLAM is: “Empowering music educators everywhere to foster a culture of excellence through servant leadership.”

SLAM is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. SLAM welcomes applications without regard to age, race, gender (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, religion, marital or parental status, protected veteran status, military service, genetic information, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Executive Director’s detailed job description


Perform all duties incident to the office of Executive Director and such other duties as may be required by law found in the SLAM Bylaws. (a) The Executive-Director shall serve and attend all meetings of the SLAM Board of Directors and the Executive, Finance and Convention Committees as an ex-officio member; (b) Set up, facilitate and communicate sign-in information to all online and physical meetings to appropriate committees and boards; (c) Provide general customer service, answering phone and email inquiries or forwarding inquiries to the appropriate committee, committee chairperson or executive board member; (d) Oversee direct mailing operations of the corporation; (e) Be the custodian of the corporation’s legal documents; (f) Be the custodian of the corporate seal and affix the seal, as authorized by law or the provisions of the SLAM Bylaws, to duly executed documents of the corporation; (g) Keep, available for inspection, a copy of the most currently amended or revised version of the SLAM Bylaws, and copies provided by the SLAM Secretary of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board; (h) Exhibit, at all reasonable times, to any director of the corporation or to a director’s agent or attorney, any of the legal documents of the corporation; (i) Work with the appropriate committees to ensure that SLAM forms are up to date; (k) Maintain comprehensive operational online files including tasks, timelines and essential procedures; (k) Give semi-annual reports at meetings of the Board of Directors as requested by the President.

Fiscal Management

With oversight by the Executive Treasurer and any other appointed designee(s): (l) Receive and give receipts for moneys due from any source whatsoever, and deposit all such moneys in the name of the corporation in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected in accordance with the provisions of the SLAM Bylaws; (m) Coordinate vendor payments by delivering Accounts Payable invoices to the Treasurer; (n) Send invoices to vendors, endorsed programs, SLAM Members and other entities as needed; (o) Submit to the Treasurer monthly reports including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Administrative Director expense reports; (p) Coordinate the audit of the corporation; (q) Work collaboratively with the Executive Treasurer on payment and maintenance of third-party accounts including but not limited to the following areas: data back-up, online payment gateways, form creation and email platforms; (r) Work with the treasurer and appropriate board members to raise funds by writing grants to achieve and maintain financial stability.

Membership Communication and Advertising

(s) Provide regular, ongoing communication among the membership, and outside musical organizations; (t) Retain a strong working relationship with Publicity, Website, Membership and Teacher Trainer Committees and chairs to publicize all SLAM-related events, approved certification courses, programs, opportunities, certification course scholarships etc. (u) Contribute to the SLAM Newsletter by writing an opening article from the Executive Director; (v) Collaborate with the President-Elect and the Nominations Committee to oversee ballot and nomination forms, distribute and collect ballots, and tabulate and report the results of all elections as described in the SLAM Bylaws to the SLAM Board of Directors.

Certificates and Documents

(w) Set up individual email contacts in the Executive Director’s SLAM email account for all members who earn certificates, including the Endorsed Teacher Trainer Certificates for each curriculum level and the Endorsed Teacher Trainer’s Certificates of Record for the Teaching of each certification course; (x) Post all Certification Courses, Conference Sessions and workshops on the SLAM website event calendar; (y) For Endorsed Teacher Trainers who are ALSO GIA authors, Post all Certification Courses, Conference Sessions and workshops on the GIA Publications website event calendar.

International Conference Preparations

(x) Perform conference-related administrative tasks as requested by the International Conference Directors; (aa) Work with the International Conference Chair and any other designee(s) on all International Conference matters that may include: collaboration with board members and committees to oversee conference information forms for clinician contracts, housing contracts, scholarships, advertising, logos, banners, newsletter articles, flyers, postcards, registration brochure, online advertisements, electronic conference binder, mailing lists and any other promotional items; (bb) Coordinate/communicate with the International Conference Committee and other appropriate parties regarding conference advertising, exhibits, and sponsorships; (cc) Work with the International Conference Committee on creating conference signage; (dd) Coordinate with the International Conference Committee on the mailing list for the conference brochure; (ee) Coordinate the production and mailing of the Exhibitor Packet; (ff) Work with the Treasurer on the SLAM International Conference budget; (ff) Attend all meetings relating to the conference; (gg) Be available on-site during the Pre-Conference and Conference to oversee registration operations; (hh) Coordinate volunteers working at the registration desk, as designated by the International Conference Committee; (ii) Manage exhibit reservations and corporate sponsorships.

The SLAM Executive Director shall have the performance of his/her duties reviewed by the Board of Directors according to the SLAM Employee Policy Handbook and shall receive compensation for the performance of those duties as determined by the Board of Directors.